Sayville Running Company hosts February run



For those looking to segue their January motivation into February sustainment, The Sayville Running Company is hosting their annual February Challenge, where participants commit to do a mile a day—whether that be walking, jogging, or running.

Designed to accommodate all fitness levels, the February Challenge is a self-reported honor system where you can upload your daily exercise to the website via Strava (a fitness social media app) or manually.

“It’s something for everyone,” said Brendan Barrett, owner of Sayville Running Company, adding, “The challenge is to be consistent. So for a beginner it could be walking one mile a day, but for someone looking for a higher level of exercise, it could be a goal of running 150 miles for the month.”

With the average person taking 20 minutes to walk one mile, the challenge is friendly for those who have been wanting to get out of the pandemic couch potato funk, but want a realistic return to getting fit.

Those who complete the challenge will have their name printed on a T-shirt commemorating the event.

There will be a leaderboard on the registration page to help those who need more of a competitive edge.

“It’s broad in its appeal, but everyone needs the accountability and the camaraderie,” said Barrett. “The goal is to do something every day instead of setting these lofty, ambitious fitness goals that leave you too tired.”

For former athletes or former runners, Barrett suggested, “Patience and consistency… instead of having your high school mile time as a goal right away. Often, you can catch up and even surpass that.”

The Sayville Running Company is stocked and equipped to provide all the running needs for individuals at any level.

“The most important thing for anyone, but especially for people new to running, is to fit them up with the appropriate and best-feeling running shoe for them,” said Barrett.

As a warning for those just picking up a shoe on a shelf at a big-box store, Barrett said one could run the risk of choosing footwear that is only aesthetically designed to be a running sneaker.

“Fit is of absolute importance,” said Barrett. “You might need a wide width or a narrow shoe. And most people underestimate their shoe size and tend to size down to have a nice snug shoe, but that’s completely the opposite of what you want when you’re running because your feet expand.”

As for apparel, Barrett warned of both overdoing and underdoing, especially since February is typically the coldest month of the year.

The best approach, according to Barrett, is to wear moisture-wicking thin layers that will hold heat, but not add bulk.

Held annually for over five years, the February Challenge is the first community-wide event for the Sayville Running Company for the year. 


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