Local fashion moguls sell out summer collection


Taking a stab at the sartorial, Sadie MacGinley of Bayport and Brielle Coppola of Three Villages started an impromptu fashion business on April 30 when they found an old tie-dye set from a yard sale.

“We bought tie-dye kits from the garage sale up the block this morning,” said MacGinley’s mother, Courtney, adding, “and she was an entrepreneur by lunch.”

A few months ago, Sadie had found success in making and selling handmade resin earrings that she sold at her family’s driveway.

The young ladies thought they would sell their creations after they turned out so well.

All the T-shirts were a size M-10 and priced at a competitive $2. They sold out in a couple of hours.

“I choose my colors by the season. I chose all my colors because it was summertime and I wanted summer vibes on all my shirts, so I chose green, yellow, pink, and blue because those are all summer vibe colors,” said Sadie in expressing her creative process.

With the proceeds from their sale, Sadie and Brielle treated themselves to frozen yogurt at Berry Fresh.


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