Fur, feathers, and fins

Rotary’s 44th annual pet parade


The Sayville Rotary Club held its 44th annual Pet Parade on Saturday, Sept. 17. It was an early rise for puppers and other animals, who had to be at registration by 8 a.m. to participate in the jaunt down Main Street to Rotary Park.

To make sure there was no sad howling, every pet received an award, albeit judging contests were held. Pets showed up excited, with some more enthusiastic than others, but all adorably curious about the event.

Once on the lawn of Rotary Park, the dogs were able to get to know each other better, and lay down for a rest after a morning walk of pageantry.

Little dogs and big dogs had fun as they frolicked in the park and showed off their costumes.

A Labradoodle in a UPS costume delivered some smiles as they greeted eventgoers with sloppy kisses. Two large rings were fenced off for the small and big dog judging sections, where the good boys and girls (mostly) listened to commands to sit and be evaluated. A set of parakeets, who have been to the parade before, sat perched in their cage as they soaked in the cool, fall morning. A 7-year-old rabbit was an Instagram fixture as he hid in the corner of his cage while passersby remarked on his beautiful, brown fur.

Traditionally, the pet parade is held during the high summer months, and dogs were relieved to have some cooler pavement to trot on this year. Dozens of dogs were in Rotary Park at the conclusion of the parade.

Boy Scouts were on hand to provide water for both human and animal parade-goers.

“Best in Show” was awarded to a working dog, a veteran golden retriever pup. 


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