Anniversary with a view

Oakdale’s Snapper Inn is a local, lasting favorite



Celebrating at the Snapper Inn was made easy with the incredible waitstaff, especially if you are lucky enough to be served by Caroline and be treated by eye-pleasing views, a cool breeze off the water and damn good food.

My husband and I decided to go for our third wedding and sixth dating anniversaries combined. We were seated like royalty beside the beautiful Connetquot River, with views to the water and boats. The breeze and fresh air were perfect accompaniments to the fresh seafood meal.

My husband started the night with a simple but well-done margarita, and we shared fried calamari and Asian filet mignon tips as appetizers. The filet was perfectly cooked and packed with flavor, requiring no extra chew. The calamari dish was absolutely perfect and couldn’t have been better paired than with their pesto dipping sauce. (I ate more than my share.) I would order again and again and again. Don’t go to the Snapper Inn without giving it a try.

For dinner, we ordered a lobster roll and the grilled skirt steak. It was so good my husband did not share, or at least it was too late to share by the time I had gotten around to ask. My lobster roll was served on a delicious butter bun and packed with truly noticeable fresh lobster, not that frozen defrosted stuff. It was lightly dressed with just enough mayo, seasonings and small bits of celery, which really allowed for the lobster flavor to shine. We left every plate empty, despite the generous portions.

Then, my favorite part, dessert. After much debate of their packed dessert menu, we happily agreed on the classic brownie à la mode. It was fresh baked, hot and gooey, with just the right amount of chocolate. Kudos to the chef who carefully wrote “happy anniversary” along the sides of the serving dish in chocolate syrup. So cute!

Well done! The Snapper Inn is a lasting, local favorite, sure to please anyone who decides to visit, if not for anything else but the views!


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