A new voice for the party

Seventeen-year-old Vincent Vertuccio becomes a Democratic advocate


Vincent Vertuccio is a 17-year-old high school student from Sayville. He is an advocate for the Democratic Party, volunteering his time to help support their efforts, while balancing school and home life. As a child, Vertuccio became interested in politics following the 2016 election. He began to follow news coverage of the Hillary Clinton campaign and was disheartened when Donald Trump was elected President. This helped spark his passion for politics and desire to volunteer with the Democratic Party.  

Vertuccio began following the news and researching political campaigns and their views.  As he got older, he began to do what he could to become more involved, such as becoming the finance intern for Democrat Nancy Goroff and becoming the co-chair and co-founding member of Suffolk County for Biden. Alongside Leigh-Ann Barde, Vertuccio helped organize volunteer events, promotions, and even set up a volunteer network that has taken thousands of calls. 

The influence of his grandfather started his interest in the Democratic Party. As he learned more about them, he began to realize that he shared many of the party’s views on such polarizing topics as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA+, and election security.  

Vertuccio has applied to George Washington University for early admission in hopes of getting his bachelor's degree and Ph.D. in political science. His dream is to become a political campaign director. He hopes to dive deeper into the political field by working as a field organizer while getting his degree. 

Vertuccio’s presence on social media has been a struggle because of his political views. He has had to contend with people, many of them adults, fighting with him online. But rather than this breaking his spirit, he uses it as an opportunity to educate those people by using dignity and respect to clarify his stance. 

With all that Vertuccio has accomplished, he is still a “normal” teenager. He hangs out with friends, enjoys his family and is described as a nice person who is very easy to talk to. He is the future, and with all he has already achieved in life, the future's looking bright indeed, not only for Vertuccio, but for all of us. 


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