Years ago: August 1949 and 1964

Years ago: August 1949 and 1964


August 1964: Eleven-year-old Beverly Jane Price, of Bayport, presented a recital of classical and contemporary piano music at her home on Bayport Avenue. The program included selections by Bach, Beethoven, Haydn, Clementi, Bartok and Kabalevsky. 



70 Years Ago

August 1949


The usual colorful parade, which highlights the annual bazaar of the Sayville Fire Department, lured several thousand spectators to Main Street, where they were dazzled by the scores of apparatus, firemen marching in full dress uniform, and the stirring music of the department’s marching band.

First Lt. Walter J. Greene, Sayville postmaster, completed 15 days of active duty training at Fort Dix, N.J., with the 307th Replacement Depot, a New York State unit of the Organized Reserve Corps.

Miss Cecile DeLucas of Handsome Avenue, Sayville, will appear at the Bay Shore Playhouse with Richard Arlen in “Made in Heaven.”

The Rev. A. Lanson Granger Jr., pastor of the Sayville Congregational Church, has been spending time at the Western Pastors’ School at La Foret, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Campbell entertained in celebration of the joint birthdays of Thomas Sr. and Thomas Jr. with a clambake and lawn party at their home on Greene Avenue, Sayville. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Jack Heitmann and son, Clifford, of Bohemia.

Two races were conducted by the Sayville Wet Pants Association, with 40 boats crossing the starting line. Commander, skippered by Dick Eller, won both events in the Narasketuck class; George Van Wyen’s Widgeon and Bill Mergenhaler’s Water Baby both captured a first and second place in the CC class; and in the Diaper class, Jack Shuh’s Lively Lady and John Hession’s Brat gained equal honors. 

Judy Hester celebrated her 4th birthday at her home on Bayport Avenue. Her guests were Gail, Toni Lee and John Calder and Marion and Claire Hester.

Mrs. Norma Auwaerter, of Bayport, was the guest of honor at a Sweet Sixteen party at the Shoreham. After dinner, she and her guests attended a performance at the Sayville Playhouse. Those present were Janet Egner, Althea Trochelman, Alice Swezey, Jeannette Stvertsen, Carol and Gerry Otto, Kathleen Cernosky, Shirley Schenck, Gertrude Fritszche, Carol Falk and Mildred Jelinek.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jenrich, of Oakdale, have returned from a trip to Connecticut. During their stay, they attended a delightful Shipwreck Party.

Byron Borst Jr., of Oakdale, celebrated his 8th birthday and entertained the following friends: Karen, Jocelyn and Brian Van Weele, Mrs. Joseph Van Weele, Robert Byron Jr., Joseph Van der Vor, Lois Borst, John Henry and Karen Remmer, all of Idle Hour.

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Haselbauer, Mrs. Carolyn Smith and her daughter, Sharon, and Edwin Haselbauer, of Smithtown Avenue, Bohemia, spent the weekend visiting the home of Mr. and Mrs. Anton Klar.

A group of young people from the Christian Reformed Church of West Sayville attended a Bible Conference at Terrace Lake, N.J. They were Dorothy Boogertman, Carol Van Essendelft, Buddy and Clarence Conkle and Harold Seerveld.

Playing this week at the Sayville Theatre: Douglas Dick and Steve Brodie in “Home of the Brave”; Clark Gable and Alexis Smith in “Any Number Can Play”; William Powell and Shelly Winters in “Take One False Step”; and Susan Hayward in “House of Strangers.”


55 Years Ago

August 1964


Dennis Conaway, a teacher at Sayville High School, is one of 47 instructors from throughout the United States who are studying earth sciences in a National Science Foundation program this summer at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colo.

The Enchanters, a musical group composed of Ernest and Peter Basilcato, Pat Manix and Tony Marieno of Sayville and Al Casamento of Oakdale, performed at the New York State Pavilion at the New York World’s Fair. 

Ms. Esther Strausbaugh of Willow Avenue, Sayville, a teacher in East Islip High School, is participating in a special summer institute for high school teachers of science and mathematics a Thiel College, Greenville, Pa.

The Sayville Yacht Club sponsored a clambake supper and dancing with 300 members and guests attending. George Vanderborgh Jr. was chairman of the affair.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dumermuth of Snedecor Avenue, Bayport, were guests at a surprise dinner party given at Al-Marie’s Log Cabin in Bayport in celebration of Mrs. Dumermuth’s birthday, by their sons, Howard of Gerritsen Avenue and Donald of Terry Road, Sayville.

Wendy Schwadron of Snedecor Avenue, Bayport, returned from a two-week Caribbean cruise with her grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. Sameul Schwadron.

Eileen O’Donnell, of Bayport Avenue, flew by jet to County Mayo, Ireland, with her grandmother, Mrs. John O’Donnell, for a three-week stay.

Warren Van Essendelft was the youngest of 55 petitioners to become citizens of the United States at a ceremony held in Riverhead. Warren is the 3-and-a-half-year-old German-born adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Van Essendelft of Rollstone Avenue, West Sayville.

Wayne Slager of Washington Avenue and David Vander Klay of Atlantic Avenue, West Sayville, are on a two-week vacation with stops in Schenectady, Niagara Falls, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, Grand Rapids, Mich., and Washington, D.C.

Playing this week at the Sayville Theatre: Peter Sellers and Elke Sommer in “A Shot in the Dark.”