Controversy over meter revenue
Islip Town Hall

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Controversy over meter revenue


The metered parking issue in Bay Shore was a featured topic during the public comment portion of the Islip Town Council meeting Tuesday.

Bay Shore is the only hamlet in the Town of Islip with parking meters, and over $250,000 — roughly one-quarter of annual meter revenue — has gone toward town officials’ salaries. A lawsuit was filed against the town by the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Bay Shore in November of last year on grounds that the town is illegally diverting money away from Bay Shore into the township’s general fund.

“We are told that $257,000 from meter revenues went towards salaries paid to three town employees who operate the meter program,” said Donna Perricone, president of the chamber. “Do you wonder why Bay Shore is called Islip’s cash cow?”

Islip Town attorney John Cioccio dismissed the lawsuit, and Perricone said the chamber formally responded on June 12.

“As the leaders of the Town of Islip, you have been unfair, unjust and untruthful,” Perricone said before the board.

Town supervisor Angie Carpenter rebutted Perricone’s claim of the town’s neglect to the hamlet of Bay Shore.

“I will tell you that we are just, and we are truthful,” Carpenter said. “We have contributed a staggering amount of investment in downtown Bay Shore for the last 20-plus years.”

Joe Fritz, an Islip resident and attorney who is running for Islip Town clerk, both commemorated the chamber and Perricone’s cause during their three-minute remarks.


ALSO ON THE AGENDA: The town’s agenda involved a slew of authorizations, including the demolition of structures on 24 properties throughout the township. The town entered into two agreements and amended one more on bay-bottom parcels for the use of shellfish cultivation.The town entered into agreement with Connoisseur Media to produce and provide air time for radio spots featuring disabled parking regulation messages pertaining to the disabled parking program.The town entered into agreement with Suffolk County sidewalk and pedestrian upgrades on Gibson Street in Bay Shore and a second agreement to install a traffic signal on Union Boulevard at Aletta Place in Bay Shore. The town entered into contract with Welsbach Electric Corp. of Long Island for street-light installation and maintenance. Lastly, the board approved to co-sponsor a Veterans Day event at the Islip Town Range on June 28 alongside Rusy-Bohm Post 411 of the American Legion.