All budgets pass!
James J. Bertsch Jr. won Sayville's open board of education seat

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All budgets pass!


The results of Super Tuesday are in. Here’s how the districts in our reader areas voted.

Bayport-Blue Point

The BBP budget has passed Yes- 805 to No-272.

 Proposition 2 passed as well: Yes- 694 to No- 368.

There were three board seats open. Jason Borowski, who ran unopposed, received 672 votes. Brian Johnson, who also ran unopposed, received 831 votes. John Kroog was elected trustee with 626 votes. His opponent, Alex Wellems, received 292 votes.


The budget passed with 1,031 yes votes to 353 no.

 Proposition 2 (bond) passed as well with 850 yes votes to 340 no.

 Jaclyn Napolitano-Furno ran unopposed for the one open board seat and received 1,111 votes.

Fire Island

The Fire Island School District budget passed with 54 yes votes to 2 no votes.

Incumbent school board trustees who ran unopposed were reelected: Jay Lippert received 49 votes and Linda Nowachek received 48 votes. 


The school budget passed 1,455 or 81 percent yes to 346 or 19 percent no.
Incumbent trustee Norm Devenau, who ran unopposed, received 1,416 votes or 31 percent; incumbent trustee Maureen Dolan received 1,448 votes or 32 percent.

James J. Bertsch Jr. won the open board of education seat with 940 votes or 21 percent.

Opponents Jamie Hechtman-Ulloa received 423 votes or 9 percent and Kyle Valentine received 283 votes or 6 percent.

The Sayville Library budget passed with 1,485 or 83 percent of the yes votes. No votes were 306 or 17 percent.

Louisa Kieffer was elected library board trustee to a seat previously held by John Whitbread with 1,414 yes votes at 100 percent.

The Sayville Historical Society budget passed as well with 1,532 or 86 percent yes votes to 248 or 14 percent no votes.