Don’t forget to vote

Don’t forget to vote


Next Tuesday, May 21, is Super Tuesday, which means that all school districts on Long Island will hold a special vote for school budgets and for board of education trustees. And some districts have additional propositions on the ballot, too. So don’t forget to vote.

If history serves as an example though, these elections garner a very poor turnout, even more so than the general elections in November. That’s a shame. 

It’s baffling why so many people won’t take the time to vote. Districts have made it relatively easy to do so with extended hours at a local polling place. In most cases, it probably takes less than 15 minutes to park a car and cast a ballot.

Over the past month or so, budget information has been sent by mail and has also been posted online to help voters make an educated decision. Workshops have been held as well, where the district’s business administrators could answer questions. There has been Meet the Candidates nights, where residents could hear how each candidate for trustee envisions the district moving forward. In addition, over the past couple of weeks, this newspaper has brought that information about the candidates to our readers, which includes the overall budget and what impact it would have on your taxes. So what’s the reason for not voting?

The importance of community involvement in the function of our schools is becoming increasingly more important, as there will no doubt be many challenges ahead. Those challenges include how to deal with diminishing class sizes in all districts, and in some districts there are socioeconomic changes to the population that will require more services. The schools must balance those changing needs with what they receive in state aid while honoring the New York State tax cap as well. They have done their part, now it’s time for everyone else to do theirs. 

Get out and vote!