Rally ’round the peace pole
Logan Lessing, a seventh-grader at Sayville Middle School, built and donated the peace pole.


Rally ’round the peace pole


SAYVILLE—A pole representing world peace was installed at the Common Ground at Rotary Park in Sayville on Saturday, along with a new sign for the labyrinth, which promotes healing and spiritual growth.

The pole that says on its sides, “May peace prevail on Earth,” in four languages was built and donated by Logan Lessing, who is a seventh-grade student at Sayville Middle School.

“I’m thankful for giving me the opportunity to share about my peace pole,” Lessing said.

Shortly after the group participated in gardening in the park, community members joined in for “Walking as One at 1,” which involved walking the gravel of the nearby stone labyrinth. Once everyone made it to the center of the labyrinth, the group sang, “Let there be peace on Earth.”

As the rain began to fall, everyone then gathered under the nearby pavilion as some words were said about the connection between the peace pole, the labyrinth and reiki healing.

“The labyrinth is a way to find one’s inner peace, and the peace pole is taking that inner peace and sharing it with the world,” said Barbara Fitzpatrick, the coordinator of the event. “There’s the inward and the outward. A labyrinth is like looking at a problem with mouse eyes and eagle eyes: they both see a problem, but they see it from different perspectives. And if the mouse could have eagle eyes, or the eagle could have mouse eyes, they might find another solution.”