Welcome, spring!


Welcome, spring!


SAYVILLE—This year’s Spring Fest in Sayville, which was sponsored by the Greater Sayville Chamber of Commerce, was the largest it has been in terms of vendors and turnout. Over 50 vendors were accessible, selling items that included paintings, wood-making, candles, personal training, and there was also face painting for the kids as well as a potting shed. There was a stilt-walker, a bounce house, a petting zoo with goats and rabbits, a talent stage, and several food vendors, including Flo’s Luncheonette.

April showers caused a rainout on Saturday, so the event was held on Sunday instead. 

Ryan Stanton, who has lived in Sayville for three years, picked out some Laurel’s Butter in his second year attending the event. “I’m pretty excited about it,” Stanton said. “I managed to make it here in year two, three, and hopefully going to make it an annual occurrence.”

He also picked up a catalog from a patio-building company. 

Mike Bonney said that he has been to the last 10 Spring Fests and that he and his wife occasionally help out at the season festivals, like Summer Fest. “I don’t volunteer all the time, but I come by and hang out to support the town,” Bonney said.

Bonney brought his dog, Wilkins. Many others brought their dogs to the event as well.

Michele Werner, a Sayville resident, said that she brought her children to Spring Fest when they were younger and the event was much smaller.

“The Spring Festival used to be an Easter bunny under the gazebo,” Werner said. “And they did a magic show for the kids with a petting zoo, but never this big. It used to be smaller. It never had vendors and music and things like this.”

Werner went on to say that she enjoys the seasonal festivals and the social atmosphere of Sayville.

“The community is excellent,” she said. “It’s one of the reasons I moved here; I just like the town itself and having things like this for all the seasons. I used to own my own small business, so I think it’s great for the businesses.”