The election is done. Get over it!

The election is done. Get over it!


This year’s election season has indeed been a grueling one that has fueled a plethora of emotions on both sides of the political fence. And now that the choices have been made, it is time for everyone to come together and give those elected a chance to do their job.

That might not be easy for some individuals though; well, at least if the behavior over the past several months is any indication of how far one would go to see their candidate win. The vitriolic television commercials and mailers are enough to incite anger, not to mention the sophomoric practice of stealing or defacing candidate lawn signs in the middle of the night. And reportedly, in some places where there has been sign vandalism, destruction of personal property has also occurred, which undoubtedly is downright criminal. Hopefully, that behavior ends now.

We should all take solace in the fact that our democracy has survived nearly two and a half centuries on a system that holds elections for various levels of government every year. Common sense dictates that the outcome of any election will produce both winners and losers. If the winning candidate or party wasn’t your choice this year, then keep in mind there’s always another opportunity to change that in the not-too-distant future. 

In the meantime, just get over this election and move on.


And regarding those signs…

Over the past two months, election signage has appeared in nearly every corner of the town.  They have weathered rain and wind, and as mentioned in the previous editorial, a lot less natural forms of destruction. They’re starting to look pretty bad. Now that campaign season is over, it’s time to take them down.

First of all, campaign signs should only be displayed on private property. However, every year, they will invariably be spotted alongside all major roadways and even in parks. That’s a big problem. Public places are neutral territories, where partisanship doesn’t belong. But that doesn’t seem to matter to those placing them and leaving them there indefinitely. In years past, the signs were visible for weeks after Election Day. 

Hopefully this year, the individuals responsible – whether they’re employees or just supporters of the candidates – should begin removing them this week. And if they fail to do so, then the candidates should get out there and do the right thing by taking down their own signs.