A blessed life
Chestene Coverdale has passed away

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A blessed life


Local communities suffered a great loss last week with the passing of Bayport resident Chestene Coverdale. The retired educator left a legacy of compassion from which we can all learn.

Over the passed 30 years, Coverdale, 82, had been the founding director of the Greater Sayville Food Pantry. She had recognized the need for supplemental services in her community and made it her mission to help provide it, subsequently seeing so many families through the economic downs and curve balls that sometimes get thrown in life. 

The tireless volunteer rallied the local schools and various community organizations to collect food and garner other donations for the pantry, and made sure they truly understood the reason for doing so. Every year, she graciously accepted the donation collected through the Suffolk County News Holiday Greeting Fund and made certain all donors – no matter how large or small – knew how grateful she was for their contributions. 

During her tenure, a plethora of families from the immediate area and beyond benefited from her work. Aside from the food and guidance that were doled out at the pantry, everyone who walked through the door there was greeted by her warm, friendly smile, a sympathetic ear and a gentle touch of the hand to let them know that no matter how dire a situation, there is hope.

Coverdale led a blessed life indeed, blessing all of those who have had the privilege to know her and/or benefit from her work. And it is for that reason her life has been a perfect example for others to emulate so that those blessings can continue for many years to come.