Concerned voices at Islip Planning Board
The vacant bank building is the site of a proposed Dunkin’ Donuts in Bayport.


Concerned voices at Islip Planning Board


ISLIP TOWN—Residents of Bayport and Sayville turned out at last Thursday’s Islip Planning Board meeting to oppose two items on the agenda that they said would affect their quality of life. In the end, no approvals were granted this time around.

First, applicant Michael A. Passante, a resident of Sayville, applied for a special permit for a bar/tavern/nightclub for property on the north side of Main Street (89 Main Street), just east of Greene Avenue in Sayville, which is in a business district. Possible site plan modifications were requested as well.

Passante, the owner of a craft brewery in the hamlet, would also like to open a “tasting room” serving only Long Island beers, wines and some food. The current property only allows for 10 seats and the applicant would like that to be increased to an unspecified number.

Several residents of Greene Avenue and surrounding streets said they were not happy with the proposal. “I’m here to [find out] if they’re putting a bar in my front yard,” noted one woman.

Several other residents echoed her concerns, noting that since the placement of the proposed business would be facing their homes, it creates a number of issues relating to privacy as well as the safety of children in the area.

One resident said that since the hamlet did not have sewers, another bar/eatery would add to an already stressed septic system in the area. Traffic was also a major concern.

The board reserved decision to further review the application and discuss possible restrictions before it can move forward.

In another item, Aditya Enterprises Inc. applied for a change of zone for property located at 835 Montauk Highway in Bayport. The applicant would like to change the zone from Business 1 to Business 3 district in addition to a town board special permit for a fast-food restaurant. Site plan modifications were also requested.

The owner of two current Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants in Oakdale and Sayville (both on Montauk Highway) would like to add another to this site, which is now a vacant bank building located between Bayport and Barrett avenues, using the back portion of the brick building as a Dunkin’ Donuts with a drive-through area and the front portion as a different fast-food eatery yet to be determined.

One resident called the proposal “a recipe for disaster.” She voiced concerns about the eateries adding to an already difficult traffic situation on streets that provide access to three schools.

Several other residents responded similarly, noting that the ingress and egress to the proposed business would be on side streets where children walk to school. “I don’t want to beat a dead horse,” said Joseph Murphy. “But these are two narrow roads,” noting that the plan would only add to traffic congestion. “It behooves [the town] to do a traffic study there. Maybe there’s another business that would be more conducive to the area,” he added.

Other residents commented on overflow parking on residential streets, drainage issues and the lack of sewers as a reason to deny the application.

Sean Colgan of the planning department said Bayport is undergoing a hamlet study that would be completed in 12-18 months. Since the study is not completed and the issues addressed by residents would be included in that study, the board denied the application for the change of zone. However, it was noted that without the drive-through aspect of the business, the proposed eateries would be considered in the current zoning.