Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

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To the Editor:

Tom Croci was a disappointment as a politician.

He came into politics with such promise. A Navy officer with service in Afghanistan and a tour in the White House, his leadership capabilities were beyond measure.

He was elected Islip supervisor against a seasoned politician, Phil Nolan. He met with local groups, spoke well and was praised by the press.  His future was bright.   However, that promise soon became a nightmare.

He was “called off” to serve again in the military and was given a hero’s welcome when he returned. But upon his return, he stepped into a quagmire. His “appointed” parks department liaison, councilman Anthony Senft, oversaw the destruction of Roberto Clemente Park.  He did this by permitting the pollution of a soccer field dedicated to my late brother, Nick Fritz, who was killed in Vietnam.

Upon his return, Croci attempted to get things back on track. But then Senft, an announced Republican candidate for New York State Senate, backed out of that race.  Croci was nominated in his place and subsequently easily won over the Democratic candidate, Adrienne Esposito.  

Croci’s future as a senator was also bright.  And he was able to avoid having to take blame for a $6 million dumping fiasco cleanup of Roberto Clemente Park.   

Things began to unravel, though.  It was disclosed that he was involved in a family squabble he was destined to lose.   When he commenced that lawsuit, he was up against well-heeled, experienced attorneys, and a multi-millionaire aunt. 

Sen. Tom Croci lost his mojo.  When that happens, one retreats under the spotlight of criticism that is difficult to deal with.  His promise was unfulfilled.  His representation both in Islip Town Hall and the state Senate was filled with promise.  Instead we (the electorate) got disappointment.

 Joe Fritz

Brentwood and East Islip


Editor’s note: The author of this letter is a former Islip Town ZBA and Brentwood School Board member who has run for a number of political offices in the past, including Islip supervisor, Suffolk County legislator and NYS Senate.