Better sidewalks ahead
Sidewalk renovations south of Main Street, Sayville


Better sidewalks ahead


SAYVILLE—There’s a whole lot of activity going on in downtown Sayville. Orange traffic cones and yellow caution tape can be seen on both Gillette and Candee avenues blocking pedestrians from the dug up sidewalks and curbs. It’s only temporary, though.

According to a spokesperson for Islip Town, those two thoroughfares will soon be fitted with eight new streetlights, two on each side of each avenue. In addition, the town is installing 10 handicap accessible ramps. The work being done includes removing curbing and sidewalks to accommodate these ramps. And on Gillette Avenue, the town is also adding a larger section of sidewalk. 

Part of this project also includes adding 100 feet of new curbing and sidewalk on Center Street. That work includes the addition of two ADA ramps as well. 

A spokesperson for the town said the work should be completed sometime this week.