Full agenda at Islip Town Board meeting

Full agenda at Islip Town Board meeting


ISLIP TOWN—On Tuesday, Feb. 27, local high school students spoke about the importance of stemming the worst impacts of climate change during this month’s Islip Town Board meeting. Officials also addressed some future details regarding Roberto Clemente Park. 

Islip School District superintendent Susan Schnebel started the event by speaking about school safety. Her presentation was in response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Fla., last month. 

Schnebel said that “early prevention is key,” referencing the need for mental health assessment. She also said Islip schools have strict visitor policies and that the buildings lock from the inside. This is crucial, she said, because one of the educators in Florida was killed while trying to lock a door from the outside.

High school students from the Suffolk Student Climate Action Committee later demanded that officials act to reduce the town’s carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the impacts of climate change affecting our region. 

The students from Sayville and West Islip high schools’ SSCAC chapters asked for a designated staff person to work on renewable energy, the creation of a renewable energy task force, a line item in the capital budget for renewable projects and perform a greenhouse gas inventory for the town. They said these are the steps towards a 100 percent renewable future. 

Victoria Creviston of Sayville said each Islip Town official has expressed interest in helping meet these goals, but the board itself has done little compared to the rest of the Long Island community. 

The group’s founder and director, Melissa Parrott, said they weren’t debating whether climate change is real or not. They’re working to help the community become “more resilient” to the warming trend, which has caused the sea level to rise by roughly 8 inches, and will continue to cause more frequent and intense storms.

A number of speakers also addressed their concerns about an improvised skate park on county property in Brentwood that was recently torn down. The speakers stressed the fact that with all the negative aspects associated with their area, it is important that the young people in the neighborhood have a spot where they can be physically active rather than be stuck inside. 

Supervisor Angie Carpenter told the speakers a skate park is in the works for Roberto Clemente Park. The park, which was closed after a reported 40,000 tons of contaminated soil and debris was illegally dumped on the grounds over the course of eight months back in 2014, was reopened last summer. 

Two ex-Islip Town officials, former parks commissioner Joseph J. Montuori Jr. and his former secretary Brett Robinson, were sentenced in the dumping scandal back in 2016. 

Later in the meeting, Carpenter was authorized to execute documentation required to apply for and accept grant funding from the Dormitory of the State of New York for repairs and improvements to Roberto Clemente Park, as well as the Gillette House in Sayville.

Carpenter was also authorized to execute both a perpetual easement in favor of Bayport Meadow Estates LLC to install and maintain a sewer line within a portion of the Town of Islip dedicated highway Beacon Drive, Holbrook and a professional service agreement with L.K. McLean for the design modifications to the auditorium at Town Hall West. 

The town board approved to adopt the “Think Differently” initiative so that all are better prepared to communicate with, provide for, and support those living with autism and other individuals with special needs. The Town of Islip Heroin and Opioid Taskforce was also established. 

Carpenter was authorized to execute any and all permit applications and any other necessary documentation on behalf of the town for the completion of the Downtown Streetscapes Improvement Project. 

Carpenter was also authorized to enter into an agreement with D&B Engineers and Architects P.C. to provide preliminary and final design services for the roadway and drainage improvements to Bayview Avenue, Burnette Avenue, Auburn Avenue and Cottage Avenue in Bay Shore.