Suffolk County District Attorney candidates

Suffolk County District Attorney candidates


SCPD commissioner Tim Sini (D) for district attorney

On top of Tim Sini’s list is eradicating MS-13. As police commissioner, he has since launched a gang eradication strategy that led to the arrest of over 300 MS-13 gang members and solved the MS-13 homicides in Brentwood and Central Islip. He prides himself on increasing narcotics search warrants and arrests of drug dealers causing opioid overdoses, and insists police carry Narcan. He has also pushed the county to invest in prevention and treatment to help those addicted. Sini, 37, grew up in West Islip and now lives in Babylon with his wife and three children. Suffolk County, he said, has always been his home and law enforcement has always been his passion. After receiving a degree in political science and law enforcement, he went on to law school at Harvard and quickly became a prosecutor. Sini worked as a federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York, where he specialized in large-scale gang and narcotics cases. He also led the first-ever federal prosecution dealing with the designer drug, bath salts. In 2014, he left the U.S. Attorney’s Office for a job as the deputy county executive for public safety. In 2015, he was appointed the Suffolk County police commissioner. As commissioner, he instituted a number of gang prevention programs and prides himself on creating a more efficient department by investing in technology. As Suffolk County district attorney, if elected he said he would continue to combat MS-13 and the opioid epidemic as well as reform the district attorney’s office through his Sini Plan. He said he would be able to take what was built in the police department to eradicate gangs from the county once and for all through intelligence, coordination, execution and prevention. Once elected, he said, he would create a special division specifically tasked with prosecuting MS-13 gang members and partner with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to coordinate prosecutions.

Ray Perini (R) for Suffolk County district attorney

Longtime Suffolk criminal lawyer Ray Perini moved to Suffolk County from New York City over 40 years ago to raise a family. To his dismay, the Suffolk County he came to for safety no longer exists. If elected, he promises to take a stance on crime and create a safer county. Perini, 70, has over 40 years of experience in state and federal courts and has worked with a number of police and federal agencies to fight high-profile cases including narcotics, homicides, international conspiracies and public corruption. He served as the Kings County prosecutor for three years and was chief of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s narcotics bureau before that. During his tenure, he prosecuted Colombian nationals smuggling heroin and cocaine into Long Island. While in the district attorney’s office, Ray also founded the East End Drug Task Force and went to Congress to have the Long Island DEA Task Force reinstated. If elected, he promises to keep politics out of the DA’s office and take a tougher stance against gang violence, as well as work together with the federal government. He pledges to prosecute narcotics traffickers and support diversion programs including Suffolk County Veterans Court. Perini lives in Huntington with his wife and has two adult children and three grandchildren. Suffolk County, he said, hasn’t voted for a DA since 2001. Two years ago he ran in the Republican primary to break the cycle, but fell short. “I want to take the politics out of law enforcement. I am raising my own money and beholding to no one. It’s about time voters can choose the most qualified candidate,” he said. Perini will be running on the Republican and Reform party lines.