Connetquot High School salutatorian, Anthony Mannino: Physics is his future
Graduate Anthony Mannino

Connetquot High School salutatorian, Anthony Mannino: Physics is his future


BOHEMIA—When the Connetquot High School official ranks were finally released, top contenders like Anthony Mannino piled into the high school guidance office. “I didn’t know what my rank would be,” said Mannino. “It was a pretty special day,” he said about finding out he was the salutatorian. “I was happy and relieved knowing I was getting recognition for the [hard work].”

Aside from scoring high grades, Mannino has been involved in a number of school activities. He plays trumpet in the school’s marching band, is a member of the Debate Team, Science Olympiads, High Honor Society, and the Foreign Language Honor Society. He is also a National Merit Commended Scholar. As a member of the Science Research Club, he won a third place award at a regional competition this year for hydrogeology. 

Mannino plans on continuing his education this fall at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York, where he will be majoring in physics in the hope of doing physics-based research. “I have an uncle that went [to RPI] and it was a good fit for me,” he said. “[College] will be a change, but I’m up for it.”

While at RPI, Mannino plans on becoming more involved in the college debate team and any politically based clubs. He is also looking forward to focusing in on his physics studies.

“What turned me on to getting a degree in physics is that there are so many things you can do with that degree,” he noted, adding that he has already thought of possible job opportunities after completing his degree. “It wouldn’t be too shabby to be doing research at Google or Apple.”

While he is excited to begin a new life as a college student, Mannino said it would also be hard to leave his high school life behind. “I’ll miss my friends and my teachers. All of the relationships I’ve made there have been important to me and will remain with me the rest of my life.”

However, there is one thing that he won’t miss about high school. “I won’t miss waking up before the sun in order to get to school,” he remarked with a laugh.

Looking ahead to a summer free of any schoolwork or commitments, Mannino said he is excited about being able to hang out with his friends and play different sports. However, he has at least one more assignment to complete before graduation: his commencement speech.

“The speech isn’t formed yet, but the ideas are there,” he said, adding that it would most likely deal with ending one chapter in each graduate’s life in order to begin another.

“Everyone is so worried about missing friends,” he said. “But everything we did together we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. And we will always come back to those memories.”