Out of control

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Out of control


If you plan on heading on over to Fire Island for a night out on the town this summer, you had better plan on your return trip a lot earlier than last year. That’s because one of the local companies, The Fire Island Ferries in Bay Shore, has moved up the last ferry out of Ocean Beach on weekends from 1 a.m. to 11:15 p.m. Although the ferry has been taking some heat on this, their actions seem to be justified.

This decision is said to have been a long time coming, since the partying over on the beach has been getting out of control as revelers spill out of bars in time to make the last boat over to the mainland. Ferry workers are often left to deal with intoxicated passengers who are not only rowdy, but also combative, and too often getting sick on the deck of the ship, leaving the crew to clean up their mess. The Sayville Ferries and Patchogue based Davis Park Ferry have had to deal with the same scenario, so in years past cut to an earlier last ferry schedule, too.

Apparently, this recent issue came to a head when several bars on Fire Island had to close early because of a melee over Memorial Day weekend. It’s a shame that the hard-working business owners and their employees must now pay the price of perhaps having to close early because the earlier last ferry means there could be far fewer clients spending money in their establishments during their already short season. But that’s the sad consequence of alcohol-induced bad behavior.

Remember when parents used to emphasize a 12 a.m. curfew by saying, ‘Nothing good happens after midnight?’ Well, this example proves the veracity of that wise old adage.

So, the bottom line is if you’re planning to take a ferry over for a night out on the barrier island, make sure you catch the much earlier last ferry off of Fire Island. If you miss that one, you’d better be prepared to sleep on the beach.