And the winner is…
The nominees from various districts presented excerpts from their school’s production.

Photo provided by the Islip Arts Council

And the winner is…


The Islip Arts Council held its annual Teeny Awards last Sunday at the Noel Ruiz Theatre in CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale. The event – which is modeled after the Broadway Tony Awards – honors all of the young performers from Town of Islip high school theater productions over the past school year. Below is a list of nominees; the winners are listed in bold and noted with an *.

Student Name/Character - Production - District

Best Lead Actress in a Musical

Aquilino, Lisa (Sara) Guys & Dolls Connetquot

Arnold, Marcy Park (Cheyenne) Spelling Bee Bay Shore

Bertolini, Alex (Aida) Aida East Islip

Conklin, Molly (Millie) Thoroughly Modern Millie Bayport-Blue Point

Crews, Hanna Marie Cinderella St. John’s

*DeJoseph, Michaela (Olive) Spelling Bee Bay Shore

Derusso, Gianna (Adelaide) Guys & Dolls Connetquot

Kozlowski, Rene (Madame Dubonnet) The Boyfriend Hauppauge

Poliandro, Nicole (Dorothy) The Wiz Islip

Regina, Emma (Baker’s Wife) Into the Woods Islip

Rodriguez, Eugenia (Adelaide) Guys & Dolls Central Islip

Song, Sabrina (Morticia) The Addams Family Bay Shore

Tiernan, Victoria (Amneris) Aida East Islip

Wysocki, Miranda (Rona Lisa Peretti) Spelling Bee Bay Shore

Best Lead Actor in a Musical

Aguirre, Salomon (Mitch Mahoney) Spelling Bee Bay Shore

Angeles, John (Nathan Detroit) Guys & Dolls Central Islip

*Baio, Jamie (Frank Abagnale Jr.) Catch Me If You Can Sayville

Chicas, Edwin (Prince Eric) The Little Mermaid Brentwood

Darress, Daniel (Sky Masterson) Guys & Dolls Connetquot

DeGraff, Reece (Mal Beineke) The Addams Family Bay Shore

Delgenio, John (Scarecrow) The Wiz Islip

Murdock, Samuel (Chip Tolentino) Spelling Bee Bay Shore

Negron,Christian (Leaf Coneybear) Spelling Bee Bay Shore

Platto, James (Nathan Detroit) Guys & Dolls Connetquot

Quinn, Killian (Douglas Panch) Spelling Bee Bay Shore

Torres, Josh (William Barfee) Spelling Bee Bay Shore

Velazquez, James (Carl Hanratty) Catch Me If You Can Sayville

Best Supporting Actress in a Musical

Cacoperdo, Maria (Little Red) Into the Woods T,S Islip

Gallagher, Karina (Nehebka) Aida E. Islip

McDevitt, Morgiana (Cinderella) Into the Woods Islip

*McGuire, Nia/Parada, Marilyn (Flotsam & Jetsam)The Little Mermaid Brentwood

Smith, Meaghan (Maisie) The Boyfriend Hauppauge

Swain, Emily (Grandma) The Addams Family Bay Shore

Wysocki, Miranda (Alice Beineke) The Addams Family Bay Shore

Best Supporting Actor Musical

Dorsch, Eric (Lurch) The Addams Family  Bay Shore

*Kadam, Matthew (Narrator) Into the Woods  Islip

Mahan, Thomas  (Arvide Abernathy) Guys and Dolls Connetquot

Murdock, Sam (Lucas Beineke) The Addams Family Bay Shore

Pineda, Alberto (Nicely Nicely) Guys and Dolls Central Islip

Torres, Josh (Pugsley) The Addams Family Bay Shore

Outstanding Actress Cameo in a Musical

Baumgartner, Kristin (Auntie Em) The Wiz Islip

Powell, Sarah (Dancer) Aida East Islip

Proscia, Rebecca (Lady Brockhurst) The Boyfriend Hauppauge

*Terrill, Faith (Rapunzel) Into the Woods Islip

Outstanding Actor Cameo in a Musical

Barnes, Conor (Nubian Male) Aida E. Islip

McManus Matthew (Rapunzel’s Prince) Into The Woods Islip

Medrano,Sam (Chef Louis) The Little Mermaid Brentwood

*Pattilio, Nicolas (Big Jule) Guys & Dolls Connetquot

Rosario, Luke (Mr. Strong) Catch Me If You Can Sayville

Best Lead Actress in a Comedy or Drama

*Beltrani, Evelyn, (Reggie Fluty) The Laramie Project Hauppauge

Gonzalez,Jalyssa (Vera Claythorne) And Then There Were None Brentwood

Hauser, Lia (Myra Bruhl) Deathtrap Connetquot

Llewellyn, Emily (Olive Madison) The Odd Couple (Female) Sayville

Rice, Catherine (Catherine Connelly) The Laramie Project Hauppauge

Best Lead Actor in a Comedy or Drama

Crecca, Andrew Andy Paris, Aaron Kreifels, (Sgt. Hing, Dennis Shepherd)  The Laramie Project Hauppauge

*DiFlora, Francesco, Greg Pierotti, Matt Gallaway, Rulon Stacey The Laramie Project Hauppauge

Finder, Dylan (Feliz Ungar) The Odd Couple (Male) Sayville

Platto, James (Sydney Bruhl) Deathtrap Connetquot

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Drama

Bryan, Frankie (Zackie Salmon) The Laramie Project Hauppauge

Kozlowski, Rene (Zubaida Ula) The Laramie Project Hauppauge

Lopez, Brianna (Helga TenDorp) Deathtrap Connetquot

*Manta, Gigi (Sherry Johnson, Waitress, Tech Company Member) The Laramie Project Hauppauge

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Drama

Bento, Schyler (Shadow, Stephen Mead Johnson, Matt Mickelson) The Laramie Project Hauppauge

*Carvalho, Brandon (Jedadiah Schultz) The Laramie Project Hauppauge

George, Dan (Stephen Belber, Jonas Slonaker) The Laramie Project Hauppauge

Pittari, Alex (Monolo) The Odd Couple (female) Sayville

Outstanding Cameo Actor/Actress in a Comedy or Drama

*Proscia, Rebecca (Romaine) The Laramie Project Hauppauge

Best Ensemble in a Comedy or Drama

Brentwood And Then There Were None

Connetquot Deathtrap

*Hauppauge The Laramie Project

Sayville The Odd Couple (Female Version)

Best Ensemble in a Musical

Bay Shore Putnam County 25th Annual Spelling Bee

*Bay Shore The Addams Family

Connetquot Guys & Dolls

E. Islip Aida

Islip The Wiz

Student Pit Orchestra

Bayport-Blue Point High School

Bay Shore High School

Brentwood High School

Bay Shore High School

Central Islip

Connetquot High School

East Islip High School

Hauppauge High School

Sayville High School

Special Recognition

Student Actor District

Lena Diaz Bayport-Blue Point

Julia Segarra Bayport-Blue Point

Rickie Borruto Bay Shore

Eboni Crosland Bay Shore

Kathryn Elmendorf Bay Shore 

Sara Osariio Brentwood

Autumn McCue Brentwood

Luis Hernandez Central Islip

Megan Doyle Central Islip

Caitlin Rodgers Connetquot

Kevin McNulty Connetquot

Jacqueline Motsiff E. Islip

Michael Dondero E. Islip

Mikaela Naccarato E. Islip

Sarah Powell E. Islip

Megan Lombardi E. Islip

Lena Reisfield Hauppauge

Heebin Im Hauppauge

Robert Accomondo Hauppauge

Alexandra Rivera Hauppauge

Andrew Silva Hauppauge

Catherine Rice Hauppauge

Catherine Rice Hauppauge

Valentina Silva Hauppauge

Ashley Howell Islip

Matthew Kadam Islip High School

Erica Delgenio Islip High School

Alex Pittari Sayville

Chloe Dymek Sayville

Julianna Rivenburgh St. John’s

Athena Prastos St. John’s